Commit f5489337 authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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Fix the mkdir bug in sync2caen

Prior to this change, the parent directory wasn't created and only
created leaf directories.
parent 2746639c
......@@ -167,15 +167,16 @@ fullsubmit: identifier $(FULL_SUBMITFILE)
sync2caen: REMOTE_PATH := ${REMOTE_BASEDIR}/$(notdir $(shell pwd))
ssh "mkdir -p '${REMOTE_PATH}'"
# Synchronize local files into target directory on CAEN
rsync \
-av \
--delete \
--exclude '.git*' \
--exclude '.vs*' \
--filter=":- .gitignore" \
--filter=":- .gitignore" \
./ \
EECS281 Advanced Makefile Help
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