Commit e4e80645 authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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Fix the REMOTE_PATH for sync2caen target

Prior to this change, remote path was built up with a subdirectory, but
without a separate call to ssh to create the sync root directory, rsync
would not create the leaf directory. In addition, all manner of goofy
filenames are used that include spaces, by people other than the author.
Some quoting and double-quoting has been added and cleaned up to
resolve (all of) these issues.
parent f5489337
......@@ -165,18 +165,17 @@ $(FULL_SUBMITFILE): $(FULL_SUBMITFILES)
partialsubmit: identifier $(PARTIAL_SUBMITFILE)
fullsubmit: identifier $(FULL_SUBMITFILE)
sync2caen: REMOTE_PATH := ${REMOTE_BASEDIR}/$(notdir $(shell pwd))
ssh "mkdir -p '${REMOTE_PATH}'"
# Synchronize local files into target directory on CAEN
rsync \
-av \
--delete \
--exclude '.git*' \
--exclude '.vs*' \
--exclude '.vs*' \
--filter=":- .gitignore" \
./ \
"."/ \
echo "Files synced to CAEN at ~/${REMOTE_PATH}/"
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