Commit cefa56d5 authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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Clean up the sync2caen build target

Prior to this change, the remote path wasn't created safely and the
rsync command used would upload build artifacts to the remote.
parent a993b748
......@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@ LD_RUN_PATH := /usr/um/gcc-6.2.0/lib64
# This is the path from the CAEN home folder to where projects will be
# uploaded. (eg. /home/mmdarden/eecs281/project1)
# Change this if you prefer a different path.
# REMOTE_BASEDIR := w18/eecs281 # /home/mmdarden/w18/eecs281/project0
# REMOTE_PATH := eecs281_$(EXECUTABLE)_sync # /home/mmdarden/eecs281_proj0_sync
REMOTE_PATH := eecs281_$(EXECUTABLE)_sync
# designate which compiler to use
CXX = g++
......@@ -165,18 +165,23 @@ $(FULL_SUBMITFILE): $(FULL_SUBMITFILES)
partialsubmit: identifier $(PARTIAL_SUBMITFILE)
fullsubmit: identifier $(FULL_SUBMITFILE)
# REMOTE_PATH has default definition above
# Synchronize local files into target directory on CAEN
rsync \
-av \
--delete \
--exclude '*.o' \
--exclude '$(EXECUTABLE)' \
--exclude '$(EXECUTABLE)_debug' \
--exclude '$(EXECUTABLE)_profile' \
--exclude '.git*' \
--exclude '.vs*' \
--exclude '*.code-workspace' \
--filter=":- .gitignore" \
"."/ \
echo "Files synced to CAEN at ~/${REMOTE_PATH}/"
echo "Files synced to CAEN at ~/$(REMOTE_PATH)/"
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