Commit 710a34af authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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Clean up and finalize sync2caen target.

parent a3d59839
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ debug: clean $(EXECUTABLE)
# make profile - will compile "all" with $(CXXFLAGS) and the -pg flag
profile: CXXFLAGS += -pg
profile: clean all
profile: clean $(EXECUTABLE)
# make static - will perform static analysis in the matter currently used
# on the autograder
......@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ static:
# Build both release and debug executables
all: clean
make -Rr release
make debug
$(MAKE) -Rr release
$(MAKE) debug
ifeq ($(EXECUTABLE), executable)
......@@ -151,33 +151,18 @@ $(FULL_SUBMITFILE): $(FULL_SUBMITFILES)
partialsubmit: $(PARTIAL_SUBMITFILE)
fullsubmit: $(FULL_SUBMITFILE)
sync2caen: REMOTE_PATH:="${REMOTE_BASEDIR}/$$(basename `pwd`)"
sync2caen: REMOTE_PATH := ${REMOTE_BASEDIR}/$(notdir $(shell pwd))
@echo "Build time: `date`" > rsync.log
@-open rsync.log
# Make target directory on CAEN server
@echo "Making remote target directory ... ${REMOTE_PATH}" \
>> rsync.log
@ssh "mkdir -p ${REMOTE_PATH}" \
>> rsync.log
# Synchronize local files into target directory on CAEN
@echo "Synchronizing local files to CAEN ..." \
>> rsync.log
@rsync \
# Make target directory on CAEN
ssh "mkdir -p ${REMOTE_PATH}"
# Synchronize local files into target directory on CAEN
rsync \
-av \
--delete \
--exclude '.git*' \
--exclude 'rsync.log' \
--exclude '.DS_Store' \
--filter=":- .gitignore" \
./ \
>> rsync.log
# Do remote builds
@echo "Making remote executables with \"make all\" ..." \
>> rsync.log
@ssh "cd ${REMOTE_PATH} && make all" \
>> rsync.log
EECS281 Advanced Makefile Help
......@@ -226,12 +211,12 @@ EECS281 Advanced Makefile Help
B) Usage:
$$ make static
* Mac to CAEN upload support
* Sync to CAEN support
A) Requires an .ssh/config file with a host
defined, SSH Multiplexing enabled, and an open SSH connection.
B) Edit the REMOTE_BASEDIR variable if default is not preferred.
C) Usage:
$$ make mac2caen
$$ make sync2caen
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