Commit 3a868c3c authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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'make static' chooses an appropriate list of files for cppcheck

* Previously we were checking all CPP files, we don't need to check
test drivers (test*cpp) for style.
* Instead of *.h*, use a more correct *.h *.hpp
parent f86f1704
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ profile: clean all
# make static - will perform static analysis in the matter currently used
# on the autograder
cppcheck --enable=all --suppress=missingIncludeSystem *.c* *.h*
cppcheck --enable=all --suppress=missingIncludeSystem $(SOURCES) *.h *.hpp
# highest target; sews together all objects into executable
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