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# multirotorSimulatorMATLAB
# coop_payload_sim
## Author
Matthew Romano (
## Overview
This is a multirotor simulator setup in MATLAB. The dynamics model implemented is derived in [Quadrotor Dynamics and Control Rev 0.1 - Beard 2008]( Currently, only the forces and torques generated by the rotors as well as gravity are considered (no aerodynamics).
The code is setup so that different vehicle types (quad, hex, octo) and configurations (cross, plus) can be used.
This is a simulation written in MATLAB for the cooperative payload transportation project. A system model including multiple quadrotors, a payload, aerodynamic drag, and user input is considered.
## Running the Code
Run the simulator by calling the main function:
For testing and tuning, adjust parameters in parameters_APM_Quad.m or other parameter files selected by setUpParameters.m. There you can change physics parameters, controller gains, and more.
If you are interested in developing and testing a controller, use one of the existing controllers as a reference to make a new file making sure to select it within the parameters file when testing.
## To Do List
* Update Position Controller to more accurately resemble APM's controller (extra Z PID loop, square root P terms, low-pass filter on output of XY velocity PID block)
* Add Support for the Octocopter
* Add Complexity to the model (delays, disturbances, noise, lower frequency state updates, etc)
%% Multirotor Simulator
%% Cooperative Payload Simulator
% Author: Matthew Romano (
% Date: 1/21/2019
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