Commit 71081f05 authored by Marcus M. Darden's avatar Marcus M. Darden
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Add a test driver for functions module.

parent 87d7cbc5
// test_functions.cpp
// The Makefile expects that the project solution has main() in a file
// named project*.cpp. For your own testing purposes, .cpp files that
// begin with 'test' can include a main(), that will not conflict with
// the project solution main(). Also, the test*.cpp files will not be
// included in any submission archives.
// Tests can be built in two ways:
// $ make test_functions // Make the test in test_functions.cpp with all
// // other source (and header) files.
// $ make alltests // Make all tests in test*.cpp with all other
// // source (and header) files.
#include "functions.h"
int main () {
calculate(2, 2);
calculate(11, 31);
return 0;
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