Commit a8eb4a6e authored by Shengpu Tang (tangsp)'s avatar Shengpu Tang (tangsp)
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fix typo in

parent b77bd5bb
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ def main():
S_discretization_bins = config.get('S_discretization_bins')
X_discretization_bins = config.get('X_discretization_bins')
if S_discretization_bins:
args.s_discretization_bins = json.load(open(S_discretization_bins, 'r'))
args.S_discretization_bins = json.load(open(S_discretization_bins, 'r'))
if X_discretization_bins:
args.X_discretization_bins = json.load(open(X_discretization_bins, 'r'))
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