Commit 5d80209e authored by abbasaa's avatar abbasaa
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removed unnecessary build rules

parent 8879de3d
CXX= g++
CXXFLAGS= -std=c++11 -O3
main: main.cpp mem_gen.cpp box_gen.cpp
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o ./main/$@ main.cpp
box_gen: faceGen.cpp
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o box_gen box_gen.cpp
mem_gen: memGen.cpp
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o mem_gen mem_gen.cpp
.PHONY: all main clean
rm -f box_gen mem_gen ./main/main
faceGen: face.h
\ No newline at end of file
.PHONY: all main clean
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