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The framework for the University of Michigan Fencing Club's new website.
The new website is a static site generated by [Hugo]( and uses a [modified version]( of the [Bootie Docs]( theme.
This is very much in development and does not yet work as expected. If you're looking for the working version of the site, please visit []().
baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "University of Michigan Fencing Club"
theme = "bootie-docs"
copyright = "Copyright (c) 2016 University of Michigan Fencing Club. All rights reserved."
noCategoryLink = true
description = "Back-to-back USACFC champions!"
practicelocation = "the IM Sports Coliseum"
# No default values
monday = "7-9 pm"
wednesday = "5-7 pm"
friday = "7-9 pm"
facebook = "UM-Fencing-Club-281456778534451"
twitter = "um_fencing"
name = "Roster"
link = "roster"
name = "Schedule"
link = "schedule"
name = "Results"
link = "results"
name = "Join"
link = "join"
name = "About"
link = "about"
name = "Contact"
link = "contact"
name = "Donate"
link = "donate"
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