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## To add the UMFC Google Calendar to yours:
1. Click on the arrow next to "Other Calendars."
2. Select "Add a friend's calendar."
3. Paste in <pre>eub272o1l4u2jvmm9grh0bv074@group.calendar.google.com</pre>
4. Click "Add."
## To add the UMFC calendar to Google Calendar:
1. Visit <a target="_blank" href="https://calendar.googe.com">Google Calendar</a>.
2. Click on the arrow next to "Other Calendars."
3. Select "Add a friend's calendar."
4. Paste in <pre>eub272o1l4u2jvmm9grh0bv074@group.calendar.google.com</pre>
5. Click "Add."
![Steps 2 and 3](../img/add-calendar.jpg)
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