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This includes information on editing and deploying changes to the site
and setting up the development environment.

Also links to the theme, club-theme, instead of bootie-docs.

Change base url to http://umich.edu/~fencing

 since the www is
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The framework for the University of Michigan Fencing Club's new website.
The new website is a static site generated by [Hugo](https://gohugo.io) and uses a [modified version](https://github.com/UM-Fencing/hugo-theme-bootie-docs) of the [Bootie Docs](http://themes.gohugo.io/bootie-docs/) theme.
# University of Michigan Fencing Club Website
This is very much in development and does not yet work as expected. If you're looking for the working version of the site, please visit [https://umich.edu/~fencing]().
This is the new (first deployed July 2016) website for the University of Michigan Fencing Club.
It is a static site generated by [Hugo][hugo] and uses the [club-theme][club-theme] (not included in this repository) as a theme.
This compiled site is available at [http://umich.edu/~fencing]().
## Purpose
The previous version of this site, which heavily influenced the aesthetics of this site, was difficult to edit and update due to being made without a static site generator.
This new website is much easier to edit, thanks to Hugo's templating functionality, and this means updating the roster and adding results, for example, won't be such a painful process in the future.
## Set-up
Download both this repository and [club-theme][club-theme]:
$ git clone git@github.com:UM-Fencing/UMFC-website && \
cd UMFC-website && mkdir themes/ && \
git clone git@github.com:UM-Fencing/club-theme -o themes/club-theme
or using HTTPS:
$ git clone https://github.com/UM-Fencing/UMFC-website && \
cd UMFC-website && mkdir themes/ && \
git clone https://github.com/UM-Fencing/club-theme -o themes/club-theme
*You should also [install Hugo][hugo install] if you have not already done so!*
## Editing
To update the site's content, edit (or create) the files available in `content/`.
Use Markdown where possible and HTML when necessary.
(Remember, writing HTML in Markdown files is OK!)
Sentences should be separated by line breaks for git's sake.
Images should be contained in `static/img/` and can be referenced from non-index files with `../img/<filename>`.
(From `_index.md`, refer to images as `img/<filename>`.)
To change site-wide features (e.g., default jumbotron image, practice times, site title), edit `config.toml`.
## Deploying
*You must have write permissions to `login.itd.umich.edu:/afs/umich.edu/group/soas/fencing` to proceed.*
After making changes, testing, and committing, delete the existing `public/` directory (to eliminate remnants from old builds), recompile the site, and deploy to the webserver:
$ rm -rf public/
$ hugo
$ scp public/* <username>@login.itd.umich.edu:/afs/umich.edu/group/soas/fencing/Public/html
It would be nice to automate deployment using git hooks and CI, or even to make the production directory a bare git repository to push the `public/` directory to, but that's an issue for another time.
[hugo]: https://gohugo.io/
[club-theme]: https://github.com/UM-Fencing/club-theme/ "UM-Fencing/club-theme"
[hugo install]: https://gohugo.io/overview/installing/
baseurl = "http://www.umich.edu/~fencing/"
baseurl = "http://umich.edu/~fencing"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "University of Michigan Fencing Club"
theme = "bootie-docs"
theme = "club-theme"
copyright = "(c) 2016 University of Michigan Fencing Club"
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