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Index: Add alert with practice start information

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<div class="alert alert-warning">
<strong>Fall 2018 practice begins Wednesday, September 5th</strong> for returning members and experienced fencers. Beginners may attend practice after our mass meeting. Stay tuned for announcements! More information available on <a href="schedule/">our schedule</a>.
<div class="alert alert-info">
University of Michigan Fencing has won the USACFC College Fencing National Championships <a href="results/2016-2017/#usacfc2017" class="alert-link">f</a><a href="results/2015-2016/#usacfc2016" class="alert-link">o</a><a href="results/2014-2015/#usacfc2015" class="alert-link">u</a><a href="results/2012-2013/#usacfc2013" class="alert-link">r</a> out of the past six years!
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