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Add alerts with awards

UMFC was selected as the USA Fencing Collegiate Club of Excellence and
is the reigning USACFC champion, so these awards have been added as
alerts to index.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEthan Madison <ethan@ethanmad.com>
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......@@ -2,6 +2,15 @@
title = "_index"
<div class="alert alert-warning">
The University of Michigan Fencing Club has been <a href="http://www.usfencing.org/news_article/show/661645?referrer_id=708436" class="alert-link">selected as the USA Fencing 2016 Collegiate Club of Excellence</a>
<div class="alert alert-info">
We are once again the <a href="results#usacfc2016" class="alert-link">USACFC champions</a>!
Two years in a row!
Welcome to the homepage of the University of Michigan Fencing Club!
We are always accepting new members.
Become a part of one of the top club fencing teams in the United States!
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