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Add links to official results for 2016 USACFCs

Gives context to the results.
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# 2015-2016 Competition Results
<a name="usacfc2016">
## USACFC College Fencing National Championships <small>at Brown University</small>
### Team Results
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<tr><td><strong>Men's Saber:</strong></td><td>1<sup>st</sup></td> <td><strong>Women's Saber:</strong></td><td>4<sup>th</sup></td></tr>
See the [combined team results](http://www.usacfc.org/files/USACFC-2016-FINAL-RESULTS.pdf) and the [squad bracket results](http://umdfencing.com/usacfc2016/results.php) for more details.
### Individual Results
- **David Howes**: 2<sup>nd</sup>, Men's Epee Individual
- **Ethan Madison**: 6<sup>th</sup>, Men's Epee Individual
- **David Cichoki**: 2<sup>nd</sup> Men's Saber Individual
- **Nick Carothers**: 5<sup>th</sup>, Men's Saber Individual
- **Joyce Xia**: 6<sup>th</sup>, Women's Epee Individual
- **Jinny Jung**: 5<sup>th</sup>, Women's Foil Individual
- **Irina Klissourova**: 8<sup>th</sup>, Women's Foil Individual
- **David Howes**: 2<sup>nd</sup>, [Men's Epee Individual][usacfc2016 IME]
- **Ethan Madison**: 6<sup>th</sup>, [Men's Epee Individual][usacfc2016 IME]
- **David Cichoki**: 2<sup>nd</sup>, [Men's Saber Individual][usacfc2016 IMS]
- **Nick Carothers**: 5<sup>th</sup>, [Men's Saber Individual][usacfc2016 IMS]
- **Joyce Xia**: 6<sup>th</sup>, [Women's Epee Individual][usacfc2016 IWE]
- **Jinny Jung**: 5<sup>th</sup>, [Women's Foil Individual][usacfc2016 IWF]
- **Irina Klissourova**: 8<sup>th</sup>, [Women's Foil Individual][usacfc2016 IWF]
[usacfc2016 IME]: http://www.usacfc.org/files/2016-MensEpee.html
[usacfc2016 IMS]: http://www.usacfc.org/files/2016-MensSaber.html
[usacfc2016 IWE]: http://www.usacfc.org/files/2016-WomensEpee.html
[usacfc2016 IWF]: http://www.usacfc.org/files/2016-WomensFoil.html
## Midwest Fencing Conference Championships <small>at Ohio State University</small>
### Team Results
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