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Welcome to the homepage of the University of Michigan Fencing Club!
We are always accepting new members.
Become a part of one of the top club fencing teams in the United States!
No experience necessary, just enthusiasm.
# Who are we?
We are a co-ed Michigan club sport open to everyone.
Because we are not a varsity sport, we accept members of all backgrounds.
Some of our fencers have years of experience, have trained with private coaches, and competed on the national level.
Others had never touched a weapon before their first practice here at Michigan.
We welcome both kinds of fencers and provide both a stress-free learning environment for beginners as well as a challenging competitive environment for experienced fencers.
The University of Michigan Fencing Club is a member of the Midwestern Fencing Conference (MFC).
Our travel squad consistently places in the top five clubs in the nation and competes on par with many Division I varsity squads.
Our travel squad competes once or twice a month at tournaments in the Midwest and further.
All members are welcome to travel, and many first-time fencers go on to represent the university on our travel squad.
Every fall, we host a large “newbie” tournament for beginner fencers at Michigan and other colleges.
The club is entirely student-run, and we depend heavily on a continuing influx of new members, so join today!
# Join us!
We are always recruiting new members, regardless of experience or commitment level.
We welcome all University of Michigan students, staff, and alumni who are either interested in learning the sport of fencing, or looking to continue their fencing training.
New members can join at any time by either attending mass meetings in the fall semester, or simply by showing up at a practice!
We strongly recommend workout clothing and sneakers.
The club will provide equipment, although feel free to bring your own.
After reading all of this, there is only one question that remains:
**Are you down to fence?**
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