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Add Welcome page

This page will replace the annual "Welcome to the Club" email that I've
sent out in early September the past two years. Much less typing!

Since there are now two pages about joining the club, there will now be
a "join" category. The Join and Welcome pages are part of this category.
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title = "Welcome to U-M Fencing!"
date = "2018-01-21"
Welcome to the University of Michigan Fencing team!
Whether you're a new or returning member, we look forward to having you.
This page will be helpful to you in (re)joining the club, recieving all important information throughout the year, and getting to know your teammates.
# Becoming a Member
Please follow these steps to become a member of the club this term. *All members, including those returning, must complete these annually!*
1. **Health insurance:** Obtain health insurance if you are not currently covered.
The University [offers insurance](https://www.uhs.umich.edu/dship) to students at the beginning of each term.
1. **Maize Pages:** Join our Maize Pages organization by navigating to [our page][Maize Page] and selecting "Join organization".
An officer will approve your request shortly.
*Returning members need not complete this step.*
1. **Participation Agreement:** After joining us on Maize Pages, scroll to the "Forms" section to find this year's Participation Agreement.
Please complete it to become an official member of our roster.
A photo of your health insurance card is required for completion.
This _must_ be submitted and approved before traveling, and facility supervisors begin to disallow those not on the roster shortly after the beginning of the term; complete this early to avoid missing fencing.
*All members must complete this, including those returning!*
1. **Dues:** The officers shall announce dues and a date by which they should be paid.
Dues may be paid to the club Treasurer by cash or check (made out to "The Regents of the University of Michigan" with "fencing" in the memo).
# Online Resources and Communication Tools
As a member, you will be interested in the following online resources.
- **[Slack Team][slack]:** Slack can be used for announcements, discussing travel, planning social events, and/or chatting with teammates.
There are several channels, so please explore and use them to keep conversations organized.
Slack is a requirement for the travel team to ensure those traveling can easily contact one another.
- Register at [umfc.slack.com][slack]. Add your phone number to help others reach you!
- Please see [Slack's download page](https://slack.com/downloads/) to find the correct app for your platform.
- Please adjust notification preferences once you've made an account to ensure you can be responsive.
- Join your weapon's channel (e.g., `#epee`)!
- **[MCommunity][]:** Please join the official MCommunity group to continue to receive emails.
If you need help with this, please ask the club Secretary.
_Returning members should already be on this list._
- Email is used for all official announcements, so please make sure to join this list if you intend on being a member.
- Got on our recruiting email list and not interested in fencing? Remove yourself from the list on MCommunity.
- **[Website](../):** The very website you're on now contains lots of information about the club, including [results](../results), [roster](../roster), and [schedule][]. There are also links to all of our official social media accounts in the footer.
- Want to contribute? Do so on [our GitHub page][github].
- **[Schedule][schedule]:** Never wonder if there is practice today!
Here you can find the club's upcoming and past schedule, which includes practices, competitions, and official events.
The Officers do their best to keep the calendar a perfect reflection of the club's schedule, but note that events on far-out dates may not be accurate.
[Add our calendar](../add_calendar) to yours to stay synchronized.
- **Facebook group:** The members of the club maintain an unofficial "secret" Facebook group.
Unofficial social events are posted in this group, along with reminders, articles about fencing, and job offers.
This group is used alongside our Slack team to communicate with one another.
Ask a current member to invite you to join this group.
# Social Media Pages
Follow us on our official social media channels for updates on competitions, pictures and videos of your teammates, and other announcements.
- [Facebook][]
- [Instagram][]
- [Twitter][]
[Maize Page]: https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/fencing
[slack]: https://umfc.slack,com
[MCommunity]: https://mcommunity.umich.edu/#group:University%20of%20Michigan%20Fencing%20Club%20Members
[github]: https://github.com/UM-Fencing
[schedule]: ../schedule
[Facebook]: https://facebook.com/umichfencing
[Instagram]: https://twitter.com/um_fencing
[Twitter]: https://twitter.com/um_fencing
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