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Remove link for national championship shirts

The order has expired.
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The University of Michigan Fencing Club is the USACFC National Champion <a href="results/2016-2017/#usacfc2017" class="alert-link">three</a> <a href="results/2015-2016/#usacfc2016" class="alert-link">years</a> <a href="results/2014-2015/#usacfc2015" class="alert-link">running</a>!
<div class="alert alert-warning">
Represent Michigan Fencing with a <a href="https://pogo.undergroundshirts.com/collections/michigan-fencing-national-champ-t-order-form-2017" class="alert-link">National Champions 2017 shirt!</a>
Welcome to the homepage of the University of Michigan Fencing Club!
We are always accepting new members.
Become a part of one of the top club fencing teams in the United States!
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