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Join: Update page with Welcome link, new dues, etc

The new Welcome page deserves a link on this page.

There are new dues and membership policies since the copy of this page
was written.

I also added more specifics to the requirements of traveling.
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<div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">Already attended a practice? See the <a href="../welcome/" class="alert-link">Welcome</a> page for the next steps towards becoming a member.</div>
No experience is necessary, and all equipment is provided by the team!
We have a Mass Meeting early each Fall for interested newcomers.
......@@ -19,16 +21,24 @@ Foil and sabre fencers usually wear shorts.
Epee fencers must wear pants or knickers with socks for added protection since the legs are target area.
# Dues
Dues are paid per semester and cost $100 for returning members and $75 for first time members.
Dues are paid per semester and cost $100 for returning members and $80 for first time members.
They should be given to the Treasurer with three weeks of the start of the semester.
Members not affiliated with the university will need to pay an additional $60 for a pass to enter the Sports Coliseum.
Dues are nonrefundable.
# Membership
We impose no membership restrictions beyond those of the University of Michigan Recreational Sports and Club Sports departments.
In short, all members must be students, faculty, or staff at the University (including Flint and Dearborn campuses) with proof of medical insurance.
To become a member for a term of the University of Michigan Fencing Club, one must pay the term's membership dues as announced by the Officers.
There are no tryouts or cuts for members.
Fencers of all skill levels are welcome to join the Club.
There is no attendance requirement for members to remain.
# Tournaments
Each year, the fencing team travels to tournaments around the Midwest.
The team is highly competitive and challenges some of the best teams in the country, club and varsity.
Tournament fees and most travel expenses are paid for out of club dues; however, competitors need to bring money for food and gas.
In addition, those who compete will need to purchase or borrow their own pair of knickers and long white socks.
We highly recommended that each member of the team purchase a glove and mask as well.
Fencers who intend to compete frequently are encouraged, but not required, to purchase their own equipment.
Tournament fees and most travel expenses covered by a combination of club dues and travel fees (usually between $20 and $30).
Those traveling should also bring money for food. (Lunch is provided by the team.)
In addition, those who compete will need a full set of fencing gear, including weapons, body cords, a glove, jacket, knickers, socks, and underplastron.
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