Commit adcc2398 authored by Andrew's avatar Andrew
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Fixed issue with two-way observer construction that was causing tests to fail.

parent 38a48d4b
......@@ -42,10 +42,11 @@ def verify_separate_k_step_opacity_TWO(
# states of two-way observer are pairs of states in the forward and reverse observers
opaque = True
for v1 in g_obs.vs:
for v2 in g_r_obs.vs:
# opacity is violated if any nonempty intersection contains only secret states
common_states = v1["name"].intersection(v2["name"])
common_states = set(v1["name"]).intersection(set(v2["name"]))
if common_states:
if all([g.vs[v]["secret"] for v in common_states]):
opaque = False
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